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This is my first video game project, I have never made a game before, but after I saw what VR paired with the Leap Motion controllers could do, it made me want to see what the challenges were in creating a game in VR. Now I know that my there is not much to do in my game, but I hope to improve what you can do in the game over time. For now, the objective of the game is to push the cube. I like to see which direction the cube goes when I push it at a certain angle. This is a very neat feature because the cube can be pushed in may different ways!

I wish to reiterate that this is my first video game project, and I have had no previous experience in making video games.

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Published 2 years ago

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To my knowledge this game works on Oculus Version 0.8 and Windows 10 64 bit


My First Project.zip 12 MB

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